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Emerging Artists of 90s ( EAo 90s )

During the days of 1990 beyond 88 Peoples’ revolution in Myanmar, the new social environment was born in the respective sectors such as
social, economic, political, cultural and esthetic fields. The member artists of the Emerging Artists of 90s (EAo 90s) Group who started
out, are the historical joints of the new cultural environment born in 1990s.

The member artists of the Emerging Artists of 90s (EAo 90s) are those whom represent as symbols of a period along the history of fine arts
together with the pioneers of Myanmar’s modern arts and the later generations. The member artists originated on the changing global fine arts
movements, created with the reflection of the intrinsic mind-set upon the ages they passed and participated in the arts galleries, the group
exhibitions, the solo exhibitions.
The modern arts were created and exhibited narrowly during these days under the high restrictions and fierce limitations. We experienced the
ban of the whole exhibition, the ban of the exhibition of some arts works and the ban of the performance arts as a political stimulation
of an opposition political organization.
As some dates of the modern movement of Myanmar artistic paintings, the member artists of EAo 90s group organized Snow Set, Oxygen (O2),
Four Wheels and exhibited the contemporary arts such as the modern painting, the installation arts and the performance arts throughout
the days of post 1990 and till nowaday they are the famous artists in different fields.
After Burma Socialist Programme party Era, 1990 Election and SLORC Government Era, the SPDC Government and post-2010 election Era and the
post-SPDC Government Era being intersected, Kaung Su, Nyein Chan Su,Min Zaw, Hein Thit, Bagi Lin Wunna, Nay Aung Shu and Kyaw San Thwin
founded EAos 90s group which aims to perform the Collaborative Arts Events and the remarkable shows in the names of Modern, Very Modern,
Post-Modern to New & Contemporary Arts but not as a Commercial organization and to exhibit and creat with might and main the new
vision, new idea, new fine arts materials in such period with the escalating global and political engagements and with the improving
relation with the international focus in post-2012 by-election.



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