Sketch Symphony- 2007

Sketch Symphony
Solo Art Exhibition
Artist : Thu Rein
3 Feb to 10 Feb 2007




the things that like- 2006  
Mix Media Installation
Artist : The Maw Naing
2 March to 9 March 2006




"I started wrapping a spanner with a black cloth and stood against the white wall. It looked like a drawn black line on a paper.
Then, I wrapped other things which were not in current use from my store with black cloth.
But I didn't exactly know what would happen when I finished.
I just wrapped to create objects of particular shapes and forms.
After that I composed them in the white room. I took a chance to make them like a drawing of ink on paper or something " he said . It is truth that all the black objects are seem to be flatten out in a given surface. But they were actually in a three dimensional space of gallery. Some were installed on the white walls, some were placed on the floor end some were even hanged from the white ceiling.
In that sitation ,
they were different from the black shapes painted on a two dimensional canvas. In adition the black things of the work were posited in an interactive composition  not only itself but also with audience who would became a part of work.
it is a shift from the multi clolor world that audience existed to the realm of black & white that is an autonomy of the artist



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