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Essay on Video Art Show

Aung Min





An artwork usually doesn’t give any exact meaning. Artist himself has owned his art without a defined essence and therefore, in turn, his artwork would not be constructed in the form of accurate meaning. (An accurate meaning would be defined as the same interpretation shared by every viewer on the seeing of this artwork.)
There would be no definite meaning even for a painting with unchanging images, fixed colors, constant brushstrokes and static composition. Therefore, in the case of video art: changing objects, changing colors & mobile composition there will no accurately defined meaning. A video artist would create his work by changing images and voices. These changing images and voices would come into and strike the viewer continuously. After seeing these images through the projectors against the white wall and listening to the voice, the mind images of the viewer would develop autonomously. Because of the underlying mind status, the mind images would be different accordingly. The mind wall on which the images would appear is not as white as the real room wall. Is doing so, by incorporating with the mind’s changing colors: red, yellow, white…etc, the appearing images would occur unexpectedly.
However there would be at least one certainty about that situation. Although the artwork has had an uncertainty in the term of indefinite meaning, the out coming perception of the viewer would possess an accurate definition on that work. He would know very well about his perceptions arising from his mentality. And he, himself could see far most for his individual perception in that situation. Besides he would sense most meaningfully and individually in that circumstance. This process of making an effort to know, see, and perceive to be meaningful done by the viewer is a work; the viewer’s artwork.

NCS’ Opera

NCS (b.1973) is a well know Myanmar contemporary artist. His paintings of Dreamscape and Nat+ have been the remarkable series in his art. Besides he have been doing with his performance art on the ground of his excitement; It looks like his strong brushstrokes. His first video art work titled as “Who is” was composed against the background of one Myanmar traditional pagoda festival’s night scene in 2004. But now, he is going to present Opera 1& 2 : the indoor snapshots taken in his own studio. In Opera 1, the contents would be a glass of water on a table, a hydrate tablet and a fish….etc. He said that his nervousness about what would be the continuation would be further transferred to the viewer through the video camera.
As it is his habit, in this show he has used accidentally a traditional radio tune as background music. He has no intention to give a definite meaning in his video show. He is just going to present a simple story in an oriental way. As I have said before, although this work would have no clear meaning, the viewer may sense it very uniquely in his mind.
In his Opera 2, the content would be the serial composition of divided pictures from his computer. The background music is an unknown machine’s gritty sounds. There would be two dreams in each time for 100 times. At the end of dream, there would be an awakening and going down the stairs and leaving from the Studio Square. That is all…I have asked him about the pictures. He said that the pictures were produced from his computer’s records taken during his previous shows. He opened the computer’s recent document file and the figures on the computer screen were photographed again.
His recent document file means that the recorded figures seen by his friends in the Studio Square’s computer. He opened this file again and took out the documented photos again. NCS said, “I display the previous events as in their reality.”
He would have been really busy with his thoughts. Also we would find our mind working after seeing his show. NCS has entered into this dream like circumstance for about 100 times at the speed of two dreams in each time During that time, on seeing of his pictures, we would be shared by the same situation but the thing sure is that we could sense well about what we dreamed only.



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